Humanitarian Associates: Let’s improve humanitarianism

Humanitarian Associates is a consulting firm, based in Canada. We are a group of humanitarians who want to make the humanitarian system better. We specialize in:

  • Humanitarian program review
  • Cholera program design
  • Emergency healthcare
  • Humanitarian logistics and construction
  • Humanitarian innovation (social innovation, high tech and low tech innovations)
  • Strategic communications
  • Localisation
  • Fundraising and grant management
  • Complex context analysis, including insecure settings
  • Aid worker mental health

Our team cares about helping organizations to improve the humanitarian system, shifting power towards local communities and organizations, advancing equity and equality, navigating ethical complexity as best we can, and communicating clearly. We have supported international and local organizations in the world’s most urgent humanitarian emergencies and we’re ready to help you navigate the complexity.

We will give significant discounts or pro-bono services to grassroots organizations run by people from communities that have experienced humanitarian crises.

Humanitarian Associates is an official and registered trade name of Chris Houston Management Services Inc. Click here for corporate and legal information.