Our team


Humanitarian Associates is led by Chris Houston. Chris delegates work to appropriate Associates based on skills and workload. Associates often have full or part-time jobs elsewhere and additional Associates may be used to meet consulting obligations.


  • Alia Ahmed – Lawyer with expertise in corporate governance, equity diversity and inclusion.
  • Amr Al-Faham – Construction and urban development expert with experience in Canada, Iraq, and Syria.
  • Laura Callaghan – Fundraising and project management specialist.
  • Ala Elfellah – Libya and MENA expert, with expertise in strategic communications, local engagement, and context analysis.
  • Filipe Faria – Experienced humanitarian with expertise and experience of aid worker mental health.
  • Natasha Freidus – Innovation leader and serial social entrepreneur.
  • Paula Gil Baizan – Systems innovation expert with a strong humanitarian background.
  • Isabelle Jeanson – Bilingual senior humanitarian program and communications leader.
  • Aisha Jumaan PhD, MPH – Yemeni epidemiologist and organisational founder & leader.
  • Gautham Krishnaraj PhD is a humanitarian researcher and educator with a focus on healthcare, ethics, and innovation. 
  • Katherine Liakos – Monitoring, evaluation and learning expert
  • Dr Paulin Polepole – Medical doctor with work experience in Canada, Rwanda and his home country of D R Congo.
  • Zeba Tasci – Communications professional.
  • Joseph (Joe) Torres – Experienced non-profit leader with a strong background in fundraising.
  • Becca Smith – Evaluation and gender expert.
  • Ken Tong – Award-winning communications and digital transformation specialist.
  • Pako Tshiamala – Entrepreneur with excellent experience from Canada, D R Congo and East Africa.
  • Ahava Zarembski – Start-up leader, partnerships and diplomacy expert.

All associates are obliged to sign a memorandum of understanding that they will agree with all corporate policies before starting any work project.