Work with us

Become an Associate

Use the form below if you would like to be an Associate. People from countries affected by humanitarian crisis are encouraged to apply. Associates must speak English, must be responsive in digital communications, and Associates with humanitarian work experience are favoured. We encourage Associates with disabilities to apply and we encourage all genders to apply.

With exceptions for unusual circumstances, full Associates take 80% of what we bill clients. Variations to that are based on if the Associate needs extra help, or client satisfaction, if the Associate takes on management duties and for very small or very large jobs.

Associates must agree to our corporate policies and will be obliged to sign a memorandum of understanding before starting any work projects.

Become a Junior Associate

Junior Associates are Associates with limited work experience who are learning humanitarian consulting.

Volunteer with us

We do not accept volunteers. Accepting volunteers would be to exclude people who cannot afford to volunteer.

If you are looking to break into the humanitarian sector and want experience, tell us and we’ll consider you for paid work as a junior Associate. Really, please do ask, we like to help people get the job they want.

Email us via chris at humanitarianassociates dot org